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      Pacific Divers

      Cook Islands

      Agency affiliations

      • PADI

      Service offering

      • Intro scuba courses (OW)
      • Guided dives
      • Equipment rent

      Languages spoken

      Diver rating

      from 3 divers

      Established 15 years ago and currently operated by Steve Lyon and Jaime Short, Pacific Divers offers a comprehensive and enjoyable diving service catering for all levels. Dives include coral terrain dives, canyons, drop offs and drifts. Fish life is varied and includes Hawksbill and Green turtles, White Tip and Grey Reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Giant Moray, Giant Clams and the myriad of reef fish and invertebrates youd expect to see on a coral reef.

      The reef is characterised by a gently sloping plateau out to about 30m / 100ft, where the reef steepens and ‘drops off’ into the abyss. There is a variety of terrain and fish life at different parts of the reef and with over 30 dive sites there are plenty of options to keep you interested.

      The south side of the island is characterised by a shallow lagoon which empties to the ocean by passages or passes. These passages offer exciting canyon like dives with sharks, rays and turtles often present. Access to these is only by boat and we dive them from the outside of the reef.

      The north coast of the island has the most coral cover with huge Porites bommies mushrooming up and forming overhangs and gullies. Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse and the myriad of reef dwellers can be easily approached on this coast offering great interactions and opportunities for photography.

      There are a few wide sandy runoffs located on the northern side of the island, a favourite resting place of white tip reef sharks. The drop off is also accessible and looking from 30m / 100ft to depths of over 80m / 250ft can make your heart flutter.

      The east and west coasts are typically steeper with boulder like terrain sloping out to the drop off.