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      Grand Cayman

      Agency affiliations

      • BSAC
      • SDI
      • SSI
      • TDI

      Service offering

      • Intro scuba courses (OW)
      • Guided dives
      • Shop
      • Equipment rent
      • Travel
      • Instructor courses
      • Equipment service
      • Filling Station
      • Technical diving
      • Snorkeling

      Languages spoken

      • English

      Diver rating

      from 6 divers

      Our daily boat trips are 2-tank and 100% computer profiles, for 2 x 1-hour dives! This allows you to take advantage of the most bottom time available on the pristine North walls and reefs of Grand Cayman. Both morning and afternoon 2-tank trips are run to provide you with as many options as you'd like. Stingray City trips are run several times a week to play with the Rays at the Worlds Best Dive site - 12 feet of critters and fun!

      dive-tech-approved-transWe also have 2 great shore diving locations, with reefs teaming with marine life - perfect dives to compliment your boat package and enjoy the marine world. Our shops at Lighthouse Point and at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort have house reefs in the 30 - 60 feet range that are abundant with sponges and corals, fish and offer excellent night dives right off shore. Plus the deep wall, only 10 minutes offshore, offers a natural multi-level dive for those more adventurous.

      Divetech dive boats are 100% computer profiles, offering 2 x 1-hour dives and complimentary dive computers are provided. Visiting the North Wall most of the time (weather dependant) you'll enjoy some of the best sheer walls that Cayman has to offer. Two dive Instructors will guide you (although you are allowed as buddy teams to run your own profiles) and a top side support Instructor will be watching and helping out as needed. The custom dive boats are equipped with fresh water showers, camera tables, camera rinse bucket, mask rinse bucket, towels and all the safety equipment that should be in place! Iced bottles water and orange slices are available - and we're adding hot drinks for those sparse rainy days:)

      Kids from ages 8 and up can participate is scuba - from Rangers and Seals diving to 10 feet in the ocean to Jr. Open water and specialty courses. Kids Sea Camp is hosted every July, 2 fun filled weeks including a teen program, underwater scooters and digital photography.

      Digital cameras are available for rent - our check out our special photo event weeks to dive with the pros!

      Technical and CCR Rebreather courses and divers are on offer year round, to remove those bubbles, provide warm, moist air and extend your depths or dive times and see some of Cayman's most pristine walls at deeper depths. Inner Space and Tek week are hosted annually to meet the 'Who's Who' in the Tek and CCR community, learn about new products and offerings and make a lot of friends.

      Divetech can also handle all your accommodation needs at Lighthouse Point or Cobalt Coast.