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    What does checking-in with Najada Diving do?

    • it allows you to use their custom log templates to enrich and simplify your logging experience
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    Najada Diving


    Agency affiliations

    • PADI
    • SSI

    Service offering

    • Dive course
    • Equipment rental
    • Intro scuba courses (OW)
    • Guided dives
    • Snorkeling

    Languages spoken

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Swedish
    • Other
    • Finnish
    • Serbo-Croatian

    Diver rating

    from 1 divers

    The modular training programs reach from traditional beginner's courses to specialized trainings, ending with dive professionals - divers, who have chosen diving as their carrier. Although the course offer is multifold, there is one common factor for all programs: the education is done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in an environment, fascinating and encouraging you to continous learning. We offer COURSES in following languages: German, English, French, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Croatian.