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      Each year we offer a limited number of boat packages to our SCUBA diving enthusiasts. These packages are incredible value for money and provide you with 12 months of comfortable, quality boat diving around the Sydney coastline.

      Join us on any given day for a magic day out diving some of Sydney's finest shore dives around.

      This region of Australia has the best shore dives going due to the huge variety of sites available. From the protection of the Harbour to the different aspects of our sites.

      Typically most dives max out at 18m and you can see Weedy Sea Dragons, Giant Cuttle Fish, Wobbygong Sharks, Large Bull Rays to the friendly Blue Grouper plus a host of other Reef fish.

      The diving in Sydney is warm temperate with temps varying from 15c-24c and Visibillity averages around 10-12m and can be as good as 25m.

      Due to the variation in water temp thru the year we do see seasonal visitors for example we see a lot of juvenile Tropical fish late summer/autumn and Port Jackson Sharks during winter and spring.

      Each trip will consist of a double dive, however single dives are available if your schedule requires.